We try to run at least a couple of Club dive trips annually to give our members the chance to explore new dive sites and develop their skills away from the Rezza.

All dive trips are run at cost and we always try to keep these reasonable. Members will need to pay for travel, accommodation, food and any diving-related expenses such as boat hire and air fills.

Sometimes these dive trips are for a long weekend, other times a week away. We also run regular day trips to relatively local dive sites, such as Cromhall Quarry, Stoney Cove, Dosthill.

Recent dive trips

  • Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands
  • Farne Islands
  • Pembrokeshire
  • Plymouth
  • Criccieth, Wales
  • Swanage
  • Lyme Regis
  • Chesil Beach
  • Lundy Island
  • Anglesey
  • Porthkerris, Cornwall

The map below shows places we’ve been (orange and blue markers) and where we’d really like to go (purple markers)!

We always try to open up the trips to as many divers as possible. However due to the nature of some dive sites that we visit, we do unfortunately have to restrict some trips to divers of certain grades and above. We usually invite spouses/partners/children/dogs of divers along to our longer trips, so no one is left out! 

Dry dives

We have also run some very popular and successful trips to the Midlands Diving Chamber in Rugby. Members had the chance to experience a ‘dry dive’ to 50m, and the (sometimes amusing!) effects of nitrogen narcosis in a safe environment. They also learnt about the dangers of decompression illness and how to spot the signs and symptoms. Everyone came away with a new appreciation of the valuable work that the staff at the Chamber do in treating divers’ decompression illnesses.