Unfortunately not all of the best things in life are free, although we aim to keep our membership fees and costs as low as we reasonably can! Here is the cost breakdown for new divers.


Initial joining fees for new divers

Joining Fee (correct as of Jan 2024 – includes Ocean Diver training materials, loaned equipment servicing contribution*, first year’s British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) subscription and first month’s Club subscription):

  • Full Member: £191.50
  • Joint member living at same address as a full member: £172.50
  • Junior/Student in full-time education: £157.80

Medical (if required) – £15 – £50 approx

* New divers are expected to purchase their own full dive kit after completing their Ocean Diver training. Equipment is available for hire post qualification at an extra cost.

Monthly Club Subscriptions

  • Full Member (including BSAC subscription) – £22
  • Family Members (for people living at the same address, including BSAC subscriptions) – please contact the Membership Officer (membership@dudleynautilus.co.uk)
  • Associate Membership (your BSAC fees are being paid through a different club) – £15.40
  • Junior/Student in full-time education (including BSAC subscription) – £19.80

What do I get for my monthly fee?

  • Full training for Ocean Diver, Sports Diver and Dive Leader BSAC qualifications.
  • Use of Club training equipment (until Ocean Diver qualification is completed)
  • Free use of swimming pool at Halesowen Leisure Centre on Thursday nights
  • Free use of Netherton Reservoir on Saturday mornings
  • Access to various items of Club equipment on short-term loan
  • Monthly copy of the BSAC ‘SCUBA’ magazine
  • Third party liability insurance cover
  • Good fun!

To complement your Ocean Diver training you will receive a Training Pack containing:

  • Ocean Diver Student Work Book
  • Qualification Record Book
  • Safe Diving Booklet

If you have any queries regarding membership please contact Ian Gay, Member’s Representative: membership@dudleynautilus.co.uk

Kit costs

Once you’ve finished your training and you start to think about buying your own kit, it’s useful to know what sort of costs you can expect to incur.

It is worth bearing in mind that these prices should give you an idea of costs for entry level, recreational kit if you are buying items brand new. You can also pick up some good bargains second hand, but these are just an indication as prices can vary wildly!

  • Mask and fins – you may already have bought these during your training, however if you have not, £50-£300
  • Buoyancy Compensating Device (BCD) – £150-£600
  • Dive Computer – £160-£1,200
  • Regulators – £300-£800
  • Air cylinder – £140-£200
  • Weights – £100 average (dependent on how much you need)
  • Drysuit – £400-£2,000
  • Gloves and hood – £60-£150
  • Undersuit – £100-£350

If in doubt just ask one of the other Club members, we’re all happy to share our knowledge, advice and experiences.